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returnWhy is AP Enviro considered easy?

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Posted 1 year ago by qedgary

I often read that students generally consider AP Environmental Science as easier than many other AP courses. However, I am reading a copy of the Princeton Review's AP Enviro book, and it does appear considerably difficult as it seems to have a wide scope of content. What makes AP Enviro "easy"? Is the exam based on memorization, like AP Psychology, or is it easy because much of it should already be obvious, or is it something else? 

I took AP Enviro my sophmore year of high school. From my experience the class was really fun. We did a lot of science experiments which helped with the concepts. And going to your point, the exam was 100% memorization of facts. You just had to memorize the history and concepts covered in class and you should be good. Their wasn't many problem solving questions and the FRQ on the exam is more about reading comprehension than problem solving. 

Posted 1 year ago by emily