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returnWhat was your LEAST favorite AP class?

# of Responses: 15

Posted 2 years ago by IgorBogdanoff

I saw the thread asking about favorite AP classes, and it occured to me that to me, the question about a least favorite is a much easier question to answer ahaha. 

Anyhow, for me it would have to be AP Chemistry. I had a real difficult time in that class, and I think I finished the year with a D first semester and a C second semester. Surprisingly, I was able to pass the exam with a 3 (somehow), so I got the credit.

However, as it turns out, anything less than a 3 is worthless at the college I am attending (a community college to top it off), so I will have to take a general chemistry class in the near future regardless. What fun.

Anyways, discuss your least favorite AP classes below, however painful it may be.

Yea AP chemistry was a pain for us too. But I enjoyed AP world history the least. History is just not my thing

Posted 2 years ago by formerIBstudent

I actually enjoyed history. Found it fairly easy, esp with John Green's Crash Course for world history (wasn't a fan of his series for US History, but thats a story for another day)

Posted 2 years ago by IgorBogdanoff

AP Calc BC - teacher was terrible. When even the smartest kids in the class (who now have acceptances to ivy schools) get 1s and 2s, you know it's bad. 

Posted 2 years ago by federertheking

AP Biology obviously. I didnt think anything would be as bad as Maths but boy was I wrong

Posted 2 years ago by miniwhopee

AP World was terrible. Not because of the material, but because my teacher left in November and her replacement was horrible.

Posted 2 years ago by renaime

AP chemistry. Not because I was bad at it, but the teacher actually made that class hell.

Posted 2 years ago by Aliphos

AP Bio was hell. 'nuff said.

Posted 2 years ago by tcme

Funny how the most common AP classes that people thought were the worst/hardest tend to be Biology and Chemistry. Looks like it wasn't just me who had trouble with the latter. 

Posted 2 years ago by IgorBogdanoff

I was pretty terrible at AP US history

Posted 2 years ago by townsendsk

Human geo. Teacher was an idiot. Hated that class so much. 

Posted 2 years ago by Math

AP Calc because the UCs want you to take their calculus. It would have been better to take Calculus at a community college for less money and the credit would transfer. 

Posted 2 years ago by ZeeGee

AP World. My teacher didn't teach much

Posted 2 years ago by blipsandchitz

My AP lit class sucks, but only because my teacher is an absolte disaster. 

Posted 2 years ago by itsaplit

AP US history :( bleehhhhhh

Posted 2 years ago by kgibbs

AP Calc for sure, although I didn't take AP Chem

Posted 2 years ago by wknoll