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returnHow to avoid panic/anxiety during tests?

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Posted 2 years ago by renaime

Anyone else have tips?

I normally bring in something to fidget with, like those round eos lib-balms. 

To combat anxiety I bring 2 balls around with me and just roll them in my hand. It helps a bit.  Another good way is to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. That way you make sure oxygen is flowing well and studies have shown it relaxes you. 

Posted 2 years ago by Aliphos

I usually think of some funny video and just relax for a couple of minutes during the test if I'm freaking out. It's just a matter of getting your brain on track again. But deep breathing is also another common yet effective method.

Posted 2 years ago by formerIBstudent

Music is an amazing way to calm your nevers. Some Pink Floyd always gets me back in the track.

Studying with friends also helps from time to time.

Posted 2 years ago by miniwhopee

I use breathing exercises. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I take a minute or so to just focus on slow, deep breathing

Posted 2 years ago by townsendsk