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returnIB vs AP!

# of Responses: 10

Posted 2 years ago by theOwl

I'm a freshman considering taking either IB classes or AP? Which one is better for college applications? Please help a brother out!

I think you should take IB

Posted 2 years ago by theBigBrotherOwl

IB is much better than AP

Posted 2 years ago by theBigBrotherOwl

IB classes tend to be difficult but can guarantee a spot in UMICH

Posted 2 years ago by theBigBrotherOwl

Skip them both and take classes at your local community college. Many offer GE classes online and colleges love to see this. It makes you stand out from other applicants. Take AP Bio and AP Chem but try to take at least an English class at your community college. Colleges are starting to recommend 5 years of Language Arts. 

At the UC Berkeley student orientation last summer every single student I talked to at the event said they regretted doing IB and felt it did nothing for them but consume their lives. 

Since you are a freshman, spend some time looking at how much college costs in your state. Many kids kill themselves with a rigorous courseload then decide they can't afford private college (usually $40,000 a year plus living expenses at least) or even some of the more expensive state schools. It makes no sense to kill yourself for 4 years only to decide you can't afford to go away to school. 

Posted 2 years ago by ZeeGee

I have to agree. I think unless you know for sure that you want to study abroad, do AP or community college classes. I actually recommend AP more because it's standardized so every college knows what it's like.

Posted 2 years ago by formerIBstudent

IB is more well known, however AP is standard so while IB would be better if you know for certain that the school would set you higher for it, I think AP is better because of the standardization.

Posted 2 years ago by Aliphos

Also what exactly is the spam ratio for this site, because I'd think that 3 posts in a row should have set it off.

Posted 2 years ago by Aliphos

It's 5.

Posted 2 years ago by theOwl

Either program is great, but IB tends to have better international recongition while AP is more widely-known in the US

Posted 2 years ago by itsaplit

I think your choice should depend on which college or university you intend on going to because some schools don't accept all IB credit. I'm taking IB right now and at times I feel like I'm actually gaining and understanding subjects more. I'm that type of student that used to short-term memorize information, but I can feel my personal knowledge growing now. IB can be hard at times, but that's only because I procrastinate so much

Posted 2 years ago by blipsandchitz