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returnWhat's your favorite class?

# of Responses: 7

Posted 2 years ago by Math

I must say mine is the web design class our school offers. Really fun and really great overall.

Sociology mainly because the teacher I had made it very entertaining and fun.

Posted 2 years ago by formerIBstudent

Mines accounting, the teacher I have makes it really enjoyable

Posted 2 years ago by Hanelts

I love my Psychology class. It's so interesting

Posted 2 years ago by townsendsk

@townsendsk Same! What Psych class are you taking right now? I'm doing one in research design.

Posted 2 years ago by renaime

I never signed up for Psych classes but I attended a few and they were amazing. I hate most of my classes but my intro to programming is that bad at times I guess

Posted 2 years ago by miniwhopee


Posted 2 years ago by marijn1202

TOK (Theory of Knowledge). Even though I have a D in the class (I haven't been doing work even though I know I should and have to), I've been loving our discussions and the reading we've been given. Postman, Antonio Damasio, to even current articles. It's relevant to current society while making me feel I'm a legitimate scholar. The class's effectiveness might depend on who the teacher is, and I love my teacher so much, but it really may be the best class I'll ever take as a high schooler. 

Posted 2 years ago by blipsandchitz