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returnHow to revise effectively?

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Posted 2 years ago by miniwhopee

Revising is key during the end and with poor management they can really hurt your scores. I personally set a schedule to devote time to each section so that I don't use up my time in one thing only to find I haven't touched another side completely. You might think its trivial as to HOW you revise but good revision strategies and scheduling really help in geting the job done. The right environment is a huge priority and so a little organizing goes a long way.

Discuss your revision strategies here and help each other out.

I don't revise. I just have to be perfect the first time.

Posted 2 years ago by Aliphos

Writing it down a second time really works wonders for me, then I study from that instead. Pomodoro technique is a must as well

Posted 2 years ago by shoshura

I usually just go over all the notes I've taken and the slides. I know writing it down a second time helps a lot of people but it takes me too much time. I find it better when I just go over everything again and maybe do some practice.

Posted 2 years ago by formerIBstudent

I've heard about the writing it down again thingy but never really got around to trying it. Does it actually work? Doesn't it take a lot of time?

Posted 2 years ago by miniwhopee

I read over what has been covered in the unit and think of the questions that would most likely be asked on an exam. I then make flash cards with these questions and drill them into my head ad nauseam

Posted 2 years ago by Hanelts