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returnWhat's the best studying tips you have to offer?

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Posted 2 years ago by anadrotowski

As a college student, the constant struggle that is seen every year is the fact that many students do not have great study habits, including myself.

What are the best tips you can offer for studying for finals week? Anything work well for you? 

Basically, schedule everything. Plan everything down to the minute and stick to it unless you absolutely have to overlap something. This doesn't just help your studying, but also your everyday life. It sounds easy but its a little hard to get used to (at least it was for me). But once you see the results you can easily understand how effective it is.

Posted 2 years ago by miniwhopee

Try to find an environment that is conductive to learning. For me, it's the library. I can focus much better there than at home. Then plan your schedule and spend however much you need to at the library and relax when you are home.

Posted 2 years ago by formerIBstudent

Said this in another thread but Pomodoro technique. Check it out

Posted 2 years ago by shoshura