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returnNew AP world history test format

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Posted 2 years ago by Hussain

I'm currently taking AP world history and my teacher's practice tests are all based on the old test. How should I best study for the new test format?

Well, Based on what I learned updating the scoring calculator for the new world history exam. I believe the format is now the same as the new ap us history test. I would just try to focus on answering the short and long essay questions.

Posted 2 years ago by theOwl

Yeah just take a look at the APUSH test format.

Posted 2 years ago by emily

Emily, I second that. The APUSH test is exactly like the new World test if you need on outline of the format.

Posted 2 years ago by Juliet

The New Ap World Test :


i'm currently taking it too, and I'm pretty nervous. My teacher focuses on the writing part of the test, because that is one of the main points that changed overall. In my opinion, the test prep guides are good in content, but try to talk with your teacher about the writing prompts. They should have gone to the new meeting, where they get examples and more. 

Posted 2 years ago by yoboyscooter

For the tests, focus on the new grading rubric for the essays. That's the hardest part. If you cover all of the steps there, and study the material, you'll be okay.

Posted 2 years ago by renaime

I took it right before they switched over. However, like others here have said, I would look at the APUSH format. It's supposed to be very similar to that.

Posted 2 years ago by tcme

I heard about that. If you don't mind the price, you could get a 2017 AP World review book

Posted 2 years ago by blipsandchitz